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Smart Business Sales prepares you to find ways of getting your business ready for a successful sale. We can provide you with the platform to reach out to a massive base of buyers who intend to make a purchase. We make sure that you connect with buyers as quickly as possible through the promotion of your company on our site. With the advantage of high exposure, you can get enquiries from a plethora of potential buyers who are looking for a viable opportunity. We cover the entire length and breadth of the Australian market, starting from Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney to Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast and regional areas. We assist in reaching a consensus on the final price and sell the business without unnecessary delays.

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We follow a step-by-step procedure to make selling your business a smooth ride.

Schedule A Meeting

The sales team from Smart Sales Brokers meets the seller to understand his objectives and desires. We interview you using a series of questionnaires to know all the vital details of your business, reasons for the sale, financial health and positioning of your business and much more. We assess if this is the right time for you to sell or possibly design an exit strategy for you. We interact with you on devising a selling strategy that will set the tone for drafting all future promotions and generating buyer’s interest. From this point on, we represent your business while liaising with the buyers. We chalk out a pre-sale groundwork plan which prepares you to face the competitive market forces to achieve the best price for your venture.

Setting A Selling Price

When it comes to preparation, the first step is to evaluate the business and establish a fitting asking price. It should neither be priced too high to scare away the traders nor too low to sell the business in loss. It begins with analyzing the financial statements from the past few years such as the cash flow statements and balance sheets. Then we ascertain the asset value of the business which includes intangibles like trademarks, goodwill and more. We compare the estimated price with the other similar businesses sold in the market and the trending rates. Thus, we arrive at an acceptable asking price keeping all the variables in mind.

We have helped in selling businesses across industries throughout Australia. You can rely on our expert service for the same.

Attracting Potential Buyers

This stage is initiated with the creation of an enticing business listing for your business in the selling process. It is loaded with the best photos to make the buyers take notice of the opportunity. If the business is listed confidentially, we use eye-catching high-resolution stock /generic photos which generate interest. A confidential listing does not affect the operations and employees of the organization. We provide all the required details in the selling memorandum created for the sale of your business. It includes information related to the asking price, location, products and services, number of employees, financial details, business history, potential and much more. This Business Information Memorandum is crucial when potential buyers come seeking information related to the functioning of the business. The buyers sign a non-disclosure agreement and the broker provides them with the business information.

Liaising And Negotiating

While preparing a business for sale can seem an easy task, in most situations it’s not. Our brokers are very experienced in the market and know exactly what a potential buyer, their accountants, banker and or financial advisor want to see, for the majority of sellers learning the art of negotiation is still a distant dream. It is the most significant step in the selling of a business as the future of your business and the sale price are at stake. Many times, sellers have been caught unguarded and ill-prepared, and ended up reducing the asking price to a much lower amount than expected. Most sellers are emotional about their business, it is not easy for him/her to easily get through this phase of negotiations. A slip of the tongue can easily make a potential feel uncomfortable and a potential sale is lost! That is why our experienced business brokers take control during the presentation and negotiation processes and reach an agreement which is in favor of the involved parties. We work objectively to avoid any confusions and disruptions to reach consensus.

Seal The Deal

We assist in preparing your purchase/sale agreement. At times, it can run into pages with attachments for every asset in case of a big establishment operating for many years. For a small business with limited stock and assets, it is a concise agreement which can be prepared. The seller must hire a lawyer with good commercial skills to peruse the draft agreement to ensure all is correct and satisfactory. The agreement needs to comply with the laws of the state as well. The broker ensures that the agreed purchase price is printed in the document along with the terms of payment, closing date and other special conditions. It must include all the vital papers related to the transfer of the business, such as contracts, trademarks and leases. After the final review, all the parties sign on the dotted line. Finally, you can say goodbye to your business and embark on your next venture with ease.

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Take a look at our wide-ranging services which bring you face-to-face with a large number of buyers.


When selling your business, our brokers maintain utmost discretion and do not divulge any classified information online or to the buyers without confidentiality agreements being in place.


We offer the best advice in the industry to showcase your business in a positive light and attract the attention of potential buyers.


We have a network of business brokers across the nation which are committed to selling businesses located in any corner of the country.

Finding Buyers

Our high traffic website is the best place to sell your business.


Marketing your business is our business, we are performance paid.

Managing The Process

Our brokers take care of the entire business selling process beginning at business appraisal to the signing of the purchase agreement.


We adhere to best practice and industry benchmarks to provide you with an outstanding business selling experience.


We focus on all of the aspects to sell your business - from start to finish.




How We Won The Trust Of People?

Our experienced and professional brokers are experts in Get the business the value it deserves.
Professional Advise
Our brokers provide details of all the vital stats and appraisal reports. We use these insights to formulate a beneficial selling strategy.
Quick Turnaround
We work consistently to provide you with high-quality leads in the fastest possible time. We have the knowledge to sort through the clutter and find the best match.
Robust Support
We are at your service whenever you need our assistance through phone and email. We also arrange face-to-face meetings to understand your requirements.
Get Your Business Listed On One of The Largest Marketplaces For Selling Businesses

Selling a business is a challenging phase in the life of any owner. We take away the stress from the process and provide professional expertise and assist you throughout the whole process.


Frequently Asked Questions


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What Our Clients Have To Say


Let’s hear the success stories from our satisfied clients.

We found the business of our dreams on the website of Smart Business Sales but were unsure about the asking price. The business brokers at Smart Sales went above and beyond to evaluate the business for us and gave us an in-depth analysis of the future prospects of the venture. We are highly satisfied with the performance of the team and the accurate and authentic reporting of the matter. Thank you for helping us in making an informed decision.

Ken Spencer

Buyer of an Auto Repair Business

We were getting old and wanted to enjoy our retired life away from the noise of the trading community. This is when we decided to hire business brokers in Australia for selling our business. Bill and Susan from Smart Business Sales were quick to get on our case and lent their undivided attention and support. They helped in showcasing our business in the best possible manner to the potential buyers. We started getting enquiries in a matter of weeks and were advised on picking a qualified and willing buyer. They facilitated the deal and we were fully satisfied with the end results. Thanks to your team, we are making the most of our retired life.

John Bamonte

Seller of Water Pumps Business

I wanted to invest in a venture and needed unconditional support as it was my first big purchase. I got just the same from the team of Smart Business Sales. They identified the best business for me keeping in mind my industry experience and needs. They worked with me every day to go through the appraisal process and gave me a detailed report of everything. They carried out the negotiations smoothly, and in just two months I became the proud owner of my own business. I wish to thank your remarkable and brilliant team of brokers who stood by my side throughout the process.

Andrew West

Buyer of an Electronic Security Business


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