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selling a business

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Smartbusinesssales is a website that specializes in buying and selling of businesses all over Australia. We have buyers, sellers and Brokers across all major cities in Australia and we help them throughout the process from Listing a business till the day of settlement. Our aim is to get the stress out from our clients when it comes to buying or selling of business by providing right advise, informed decisions and unmatched customer service. We actively run ad campaigns on search engines and social media and simultaneously invest in the SEO to get your business the maximum exposure. Contact us for a confidential discussion and appraisal for your business today.

Our brokers come from different cultural backgrounds and most of them have owned and operated businesses in the past and have been a buyer as well seller at some stage in their career so they clearly understand the needs and requirements of both parties and alongside with that most of them have a decade of industry experience. With the help of right qualifications, experience and having a deep understanding of the needs of the clients we aim to provide high value and help them in making decisions when it comes to buying and selling of businesses. We are located in all the major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold coast, Perth Adelaide as well in the regional areas.

We help in clients making an informed decision, help them in setting up the right price of the business according to the existing marketing conditions and find the right buyer that us actively looking for the business that the client is selling. We work with all kinds of businesses regardless of their size and scale. We also provide Buyer matching services which aligns your business to the buyers that are looking for your business in our database this helps as a milestone for selling the business and speeds us the process as time and effort is used effectively on qualified buyers only. Talk us today for a confidential discussion about your business.

Our business brokers provide professional advice and have helped clients in making informed decisions.

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Our satisfied customers talk about our services.

I wanted to invest in a venture and needed unconditional support as it was my first big purchase. I got just the same from the team of Smart Business Sales. They identified the best business for me keeping in mind my industry experience and needs. They worked with me every day to go through the appraisal process and gave me a detailed report of everything. They carried out the negotiations smoothly, and in just two months I became the proud owner of my own business. I wish to thank your remarkable and brilliant team of brokers who stood by my side throughout the process.

Andrew West

Buyer of an Electronic Security Business

We were getting old and wanted to enjoy our retired life away from the noise of the trading community. This is when we decided to hire business brokers in Australia for selling our business. Bill and Susan from Smart Business Sales were quick to get on our case and lent their undivided attention and support. They helped in showcasing our business in the best possible manner to the potential buyers. We started getting enquiries in a matter of weeks and were advised on picking a qualified and willing buyer. They facilitated the deal and we were fully satisfied with the end results. Thanks to your team, we are making the most of our retired life.

John Bamonte

Seller of Water Pumps Business

We found the business of our dreams on the website of Smart Business Sales but were unsure about the asking price. The business brokers at Smart Sales went above and beyond to evaluate the business for us and gave us an in-depth analysis of the future prospects of the venture. We are highly satisfied with the performance of the team and the accurate and authentic reporting of the matter. Thank you for helping us in making an informed decision.

Ken Spencer

Buyer of an Auto Repair Business

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